About Us

About Us

Get to know the creators and vision behind AVBTime

AVBTime had its beginnings nearly 20 years ago when a couple of guys from Australia started developing custom time and tracking software for remote professionals. The skills and experience gained over those years have now helped create a new cloud-based SaaS tool called, AVBTime.

Mike Lorimer and Ron Loffield were amongst the first Australian developers of web-based software (a small hint that these guys have been around the block a few times) and have developed software for all levels of government, private enterprise and the not-for-profit sectors. Over the years their work has won awards for tech innovation in government.

AVBTime Tracker was developed based on Mike and Ron’s collective experience as business owners, managers, consultants and software developers, with over 18 years of experience developing time and billing systems for consultancy businesses. Knowing what it’s like to work with companies and clients remotely, with a fully remote team, both gentlemen understood the struggles that came with working the laptop life.

Thoughts like:

  • How do I track my working hours so I can send accurate invoices to my clients?
  • And how do I automate this whole process, so it doesn’t become an extra job that I need to remember?
  • How can we manage our team’s hours, productivity and invoicing?

Mike and Ron knew that if they were asking these questions, other remote professionals and companies were probably doing the same, so they went out created a solution.

Our Values

Responsible Capitalism

We believe that a company exists in a broader framework than just pure profit. Its stakeholders are more than just the shareowners. We must be sustainable in both economic and environmental terms.Wings Icon

Employee-owned company

We believe that through ownership all employees get a fair return on their input and take responsibility for their own, and the companies future success.Hand Icon

Innovative Future

By building tools that allow professionals to work anywhere, we think it’s essential to reduce the impacts of travel on both the well-being of its users and on the environment generally.Globe Icon

Mike Lorimer

“We build stuff, that’s just what we do”

Developing software since a very long time ago, let’s put it this way Mike remembers the time of punch cards. Over the years Mike Lorimer has had a number of careers ranging from archaeologist to Global IT Manager, but throughout the evolution of his career, technology has always played a significant part. He has developed software from medical and naval training systems to collecting time and expenses for businesses all around the globe.

Ron Loffeld

“I think software should be fast and easy to use without having to read a manual”

Developer of Cloud-based business systems for consulting based businesses, Ron has a strong background in network infrastructure and servers, having been involved with the PC networking revolution at its beginning in the late 1980s. Programming was a sideline during the first half of Ron’s career but has been the principal work for him for the last 17 years.

When Mike and Ron’s superpowers were combined, they created magic, which can now be called AVBTime. AVBTime Tracker is a product of AVBTime Pty Ltd.

Make Managing Your Team Easy, Just Like We Did

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